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How to Select Women Eyeglass Frame For Your Face Shape

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Have you noticed that some eyeglasses look very attractive and stylish when they are on the display at the optical shop, but when you put the eyeglasses on, they don’t look that much good? Do you know the reason?

Well, the reason is very simple. The eyeglasses that look good on the display are not matching with your face shape or the skin color tone. That is why they look attractive on display but not good when you try them out.

So, if you wanted to look good while having eyeglasses on, you should select one which is according to your face shape.

What is my Face Shape?

Now the question arises who to know what is your face shape? To determine your face shape, you need to look yourself in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and pull the hairs away from your face so that you can determine the face shape.

Now have a closer look at your face and the forehead. Try to concentrate on the overall face and try to determine what is the face shape.

Your face shape could be one of the following:

Round Face Shape

Round face shape has no angles and it has the curved lines with the length and the width in the same proportions. To make your face looks lengthen you can try the eyeglasses frame which is angular narrow in shape.

Heard Shaped Face

If you feel that the bottom third shape of your face is narrow and the top third face shape is wider then it is a heart-shaped face. For this type of face, if you select an eyeglass frame which is wider from the bottom, it will apparently reduce the width of the face from the top.

Oval Shaped Face

If the shape of your face is balanced in proportion from all the sites, then this is the perfect face shape and it is called an oval-shaped face. For this type of face, you need the eyeglass frame which is either as wider as your face or a bit wider than the widest part of your face. This kind of eyeglass frame will look beautiful on your face.

Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond face shape is the rarest shape and it is thinner from the forehead and the jawline. The cheekbones are wider which makes the diamond shape. Cat-eye or oval shape frames with rimless eyeglasses are best for the diamond-shaped face.

Select Eyeglass Frame Color

You should select the color of your eyeglass frame as per your skin tone. The color tone is categorized as either “warm” or “cool”. If you buy an eyeglass frame which is not according to your skin tone, then it will not look good on your face.

For the cool skin tone, you can select the eyeglass frame with colors like, black, plum, pink, jade, magenta, blue-gray and other dark colors like these.

Whereas, for warm skin tone, you should select light colors like peach, off-white, coral, orange, blond tortoise and others.

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